Wooden Christmas Santa 17.5 cm


These Santa’s are hand cut from pine wood, hand painted and decorated in our home in the Northamptonshire.

As the Santa’s are handmade, they are all different and have a unique character.

A choice can be made from small, medium and large. All Santa’s have a white beard, red hat with white felt trim and bobble hat and a red body.

Wooden Christmas Santa 12.5 cm

Wooden Christmas Santa 22 cm

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These figures have been carefully sanded, to avoid obvious splinters and sharp edges, and knots can occur. The wood is fully dried and non-varnished.

Santa’s are designed for decorative purposes.
They make an ideal decoration on the season table or elsewhere in the home or classroom during the autumn, winter and Christmas holidays. As you can see they nest together

They also make a lovely present during the festive season or can be used as a gift for family and friends. Because there are 3 different sizes they can be bought groups to represent family members

Large 22.2cms x 4cms Wooden Christmas Santa 22 cm
Medium. 17.5 cms x 4cms
Small 12.5 cms x 4cms Wooden Christmas Santa 12.5 cm


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